PACCAR Inc. maintains remarkably high standards of quality for all its products. This American 500 fortune company counts amongst the second largest manufacturers of medium and heavy-duty trucks in the world. PACCAR is also engaged in designing, manufacturing, and offering customer support to light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks under the names Kenworth Truck Company, Peterbilt Motors Company, Foden, Leyland, and DAF.

PACCAR is also into designing and manufacturing powertrains, provide financial services, information technology as well as distributes truck parts. For more than 50 years, PACCAR has designed and manufactured impeccable diesel engines, delivering more than 1 million of them across the world. With innovative solutions and an unwavering commitment to superior customer service and support, all PACCAR Inc. diesel engines are well-engineered and highly customized for specific applications.

PACCAR diesel engines offer the highest standard of economy, reliability, and durability. The engines also make less noise as compared to other diesel engines on the market as well as deliver high power and torque at low engine speeds.

PACCAR’s commitment to excellence is apparent by the attention to detail through the seamless integration of systems and the use of the highest quality materials. The result is long-term value for customers who are looking for optimized engine performance. The exceptional quality of engines is due to years of experience PACCAR has accumulated in the development and production.


The history of PACCAR began in 1904 with a steel foundry established in Bellevue, Washington (near Seattle) by William Pigott. During that time, the major industries in Seattle were forestry and shipping, both of which had no use for primary steel products. Unable to find a market for the steel, the company's founder, Pigott decided to establish a second facility. In 1905, he laid the foundation of Seattle Car Manufacturing Company to manufacture railway and logging equipment as well as other finished steel products. The company began the production of steel clasps used to secure logs in railroad flat cars. After three years, in February 1908, the Seattle Car Manufacturing Company opened a modern railcar manufacturing unit in Renton.

In 1915, the company merged with Twohy Brothers of Portland to become Pacific Car and Foundry Company retaining the name for 55 years. The company developed a variety of special transportation equipment but remained involved in railroad car production. In 1924, William Pigott, president of the company sold control of the company to American Car and Foundry Company.

Paul Pigott, the son of founder William Pigott, in 1934, acquired an interest in the company from American Car. Under his direction and guidance, the company expanded its products and introduced the Carco line of power winches for use in crawler tractors in the logging industry. This product line became the basis for PACCAR’s Winch Division in Oklahoma.

Expansion into Truck Manufacturing

The Pacific Car and Foundry entered the heavy-duty truck market in 1945 after World War II with its acquisition, Kenworth Motor Truck Corporation in Seattle. Kenworth specialized in the production of powerful diesel trucks and had a reputation for quality. The company expanded its production of heavy-duty trucks and purchased Peterbilt Motors Company in 1958. In the same year, the company acquired Dart Truck Company entering an entirely new market of mining vehicles.

In 1961, after the death of Paul Pigott, Robert O’Brien was named the president of the company. Robert placed greater emphasis on truck sales and structural steel production. Due to such efforts, the Pacific Car experienced a 23 percent annual increase in earnings. In 1965 Robert O'Brien became chairman of the board and Charles Pigott, grandson of the founder, became the president.

Pacific Car and Foundry continued to create railroad cars, though it added only a fraction to company earnings. Structural steel was the weakest Pacific Car division and the first US steel manufacturer to suffer from the effects of outdated technology and a market restricted by imported steel. Various efforts were made to cut costs and increase productivity, but all in vain.

In 1971, believing Pacific Car and Foundry Company no longer accurately reflected the company’s products and activities, directors and stakeholders voted to create a holding company called PACCAR Incorporated. Next year, that is, 1972, PACCAR absorbed Pacific Car and adopted the name PACCAR Inc. while the company divisions Kenworth and Peterbilt retained their names.

In 1973, two major divisions of PACCAR were formed, PACCAR International Inc. and PACCAR Parts Division. PACCAR International Inc. was formed to consolidate the sales and service of company products abroad with its headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. The PACCAR Parts Division was established in Renton to supply aftermarket part sales.

Later in 1980, PACCAR Leasing Corporation was formed to provide full-service leasing and rental programs through PACCAR's dealer network. A year later in 1981, PACCAR became a European truck manufacturer with the acquisition of Foden Trucks in Sandbach, U.K. The company opened a new multimillion-dollar Technical Centre in 1982 to emphasize PACCAR’s commitment to technical excellence, quality, and value in the products manufactured.

In 1986, PACCAR signed an agreement with Trico Industries Inc. to merge with them for $65 million. With this PACCAR became a world leader in manufacturing oil field pumps and accessories. In 1987, PACCAR moved into the automotive parts and accessories retail market with the purchase of A1’s Auto Supply. In the year 1988, PACCAR expanded and created a new subsidiary, PACCAR Automotive Inc. with its purchase of Grand Auto, a California-based retailer of auto parts and accessories. The company prospered and earned billions of dollars as profit with reaching $253 million in 1995.

This prosperity encouraged expansion and in 1993, PACCAR acquired a line of winches from heavy equipment manufacturer Caterpillar. The same year a new plant in Washington was purchased to help meet the increased demand for trucks. In 1994, PACCAR ventured into new countries in Asia and Central and South America as well as began selling in New Zealand. The company made its place in the Mexican heavy-duty truck market with a joint venture VILPAC, S.A, a wholly-owned subsidiary in 1995. Later in the year 1996, PACCAR acquired DAF Trucks N.V. and Leyland Trucks in 1998 establishing itself as one of the major truck manufacturers in the world.

Unveiling PACCAR MX Diesel Engine

In 2010, after 10 years of development work and spending $1 billion, PACCAR Inc. unveiled its proprietary PACCAR MX diesel engine line for North America. The MX engine was new to the North American market, the company had delivered over 900,000 engines worldwide during its 50-year history in the engine business through DAF including over 125,000 PACCAR MX engines operating globally today and counting. The company also launched PACCAR PX diesel engines for medium-duty trucks.

In 2013, PACCAR expanded its global operations by laying the foundation of a new DAF factory in Ponta Grossa, Brazil investing $320 million in the 300,000 sq ft assembly facility. In the year 2017, PACCAR Inc. announced its Silicon Valley Innovation Centre in Sunnyvale, California.

PACCAR is a global technology leader in the designing, manufacturing, and customer support of high-quality light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks as well as offering PACCAR MX diesel engines and PX engines line. These diesel engines are known for quiet and smooth operation, durability, fuel economy, and power curve. It is the recipe for success for fleets looking for high performance at the low cost of ownership.

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PACCAR Inc. had been working for ten years with diesel engine technology to bring forth the MX and PX diesel engine line in 2010. Before the PACCAR diesel engines are supplied, the design goes through myriad hours of testing to guarantee quality, performance, and best-in-class service life.

The drive to make PACCAR engines leading-edge happens at PACCAR’s Technical Center in Mount Vernon, Washington, about 70 miles north of Seattle. This state-of-the-art facility conducts research and testing for PACCAR engines. At the Tech Center, 400 employees, including structural and electrical engineers, materials scientists and powertrain experts pave the way for innovative technology development. The facility features a 1.6-mile high-speed oval track and a research and test facility.

The Tech Centre has been testing and validating the PACCAR diesel engines dating back to 2005. The facility has numerous dynamometers challenging the engines by changing dynamic loads as well as runs performance tests to measure the durability and emission levels. Such testing served to provide high-end engines that support medium and heavy-duty trucks worldwide. The functionality of this reliable product has delivered efficient results and performance. PACCAR Inc. continues to engage in developing and refining its engines to make them more efficient and productive.


This engine is designed to deliver high performance, reliability, and fuel efficiency to customers worldwide. PACCAR's 50 years of engine development and manufacturing proficiency have established the company as one of the leading diesel engine manufacturers in the world. The new engine PACCAR MX had accumulated over 50-million test miles in the past five years, including in over-the-road testing by fleets. The diesel engine is designed to meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2010 emissions standards. Available with a horsepower range of 38o HP to 485 HP and torque output of 1,750 lb-ft, this power range is ideal for both over-the-road line haul and vocational applications.

The PACCAR MX engine generates up to 485hp with excellent performance across a wide range of engine speeds. In addition to performance excellence, the PACCAR MX engine is manufactured using high-strength compacted graphite iron (CGI) in block and cylinder head. This first-class material is more durable and lighter than conventional iron resulting in superior power-to-weight performance. It also has an electronically controlled high-pressure fuel injection system that delivers excellent fuel economy and assists in achieving the low emissions required by the EPA. The engine's block design and rear gear train contribute to significantly lower in-cab noise levels resulting in a more comfortable driver environment.

The PACCAR MX engines use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) in combination with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) to meet the EPA 2010 diesel engine emissions regulations. The combination of SCR and EGR provides Kenworth and Peterbilt customers with a highly efficient solution to meet the EPAs 2010 requirements.

Additionally, PACCAR MX is designed with an industry-leading B10 life which means 90 percent of the engine will reach one million miles without needing a major overhaul. This is a big advantage over other diesel engines in the market. So, testing is essential to help validate that these engines meet the test of time for their first owners and the second owners as well. As new enhancements are designed for the engines, they undergo vigorous tests to ensure they are best in class.

The PACCAR MX diesel engine has been honoured with the Best Engine of the Year Award for three consecutive years at the Bus World Asia Exhibition in China. The engine has earned the award as a result of its industry-leading reliability, durability, and fuel efficiency.

Now let us look at the PACCAR engine types for commercial vehicles and trucks



Power – 200 – 325 HP
Max Torque – 520 – 750 LB-FT at 1,600 RPM

The PACCAR PX-6 is a medium-duty engine designed with performance in mind. This engine supplies the power needed to do the job. It has advanced electronics that help vehicles run smoother and more efficiently. PACCAR PX-6 engine offers the highest horsepower to weight ratio in the industry.


  • Reliable, high-quality, and fuel-efficiency
  • High-pressure common-rail in the fuel injection system
  • Lower combustion temperatures for optimized fuel economy and reduced emission
  • Engine design offers easier access to parts for routine maintenance.

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Power – 200 – 360 HP
Max Torque – 520 – 800 LB-FT at 2,800 RPM

The PACCAR PX-7 engine delivers superior performance, minimizes operational costs as well as maximizes uptime for medium-duty trucks and other vehicles. This 6.7-litre engine prides itself in durability so much that the company offers a warranty at 3 years unlimited miles. PACCAR PX-7 engine is low on maintenance with long service intervals, and offers excellent fuel efficiency.


  • High-quality, and fuel-efficient
  • Comply with Euro 6 emissions requirements
  • Exhaust gas recirculation with SCR technology and an active soot filter
  • Offers long service intervals and is easy to maintain
  • The perfect engine for small trucks in the fleet


Power – 260 – 350 HP
Max Torque – 660 – 1,000 LB-FT at 1,400 RPM

The 8.3 litre PACCAR PX-8 is a robust engine featuring increased throttle response and acceleration. It comes with a VGT Turbocharger that is simple and precise. The electric actuation allows infinite adjustment, providing the exact amount of boost necessary for superior response, time after time. The PACCAR PX-8 contains many features typical of heavy-duty engine design.


  • High-pressure common-rail fuel injection system
  • Improved cooled exhaust gas recirculation chamber
  • Patented variable geometry turbocharger (VGT)
  • 2-piece steel articulated pistons, by-pass oil filtration, and targeted piston cooling


Power – 260 – 450 HP
Max Torque – 720 – 1,250 LB-FT at 2,200 RPM

The PACCAR PX-9 has one of the highest power-to-weight ratios and is available in both heavy-duty and medium configurations. This 8.9-litre engine delivers the durability and efficiency needed to lower operating expenses, reduce maintenance, and increase productivity.


  • It has an Electronic Control Module (ECM) to control all engine functions
  • Heavy-duty design protects the engine components and extends engine life
  • Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) provides the boost needed for fast, superior response
  • Replacement wet liners, roller cam followers, bypass oil filtration and targeted piston cooling


Power – 355 – 430 HP
Max Torque – 1,250 – 1,650 LB-FT at 900 RPM

With up to 430 horsepower and 1,650 lb.-ft. torque, this 10.8-litre engine enhances performance, responsiveness and drivability. It reduces tare weight by more than 400 pounds meaning more payload per trip, improved operating efficiency, excellent fuel economy and more revenue. Perfect for the demands of regional haul, tanker, bulk haul, construction, and refuse.


  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Comes standard with remote diagnostics to deliver focused uptime support
  • Save your business money with low-cost routine maintenance
  • Offers superior performance and quiet operation for improved driving experience


Power – 355 – 430 HP
Max Torque – 1,250 – 1,650 LB-FT at 900 RPM

For demanding applications, heavy or highway hauling, the 12.9-litre PACCAR MX-13 engine offers all the power and durability to move maximum loads productively. The engine delivers consistent power and torque across a wide operating range and is customized to your precise operating requirements. This engine gives you more flexibility, more low-end power, higher fuel efficiency and a greatly enhanced driving experience.


  • Built for durability with a B10 rating of over one million miles
  • Offers excellent fuel economy
  • Low cost of routine maintenance with 75,000-mile oil change interval
  • Has broad torque curves offering superior performance
  • Quiet operation for enhanced driving experience

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