Detroit Series 60 14.0L DDEC VI

Power 330 - 575 hp

Torque 1,850 lb-ft at 1,200 rpm

When the Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine was introduced in 1987, it was the first heavy-duty diesel engine designed built with fully integrated electronic controls. The dependability and power-to-weight ratio at current reduced emission level ensures excellent fuel economy. DDEC VI electronics control and monitor the engine as well as the Aftertreatment System in order to ensure peak engine efficiency. Optimized Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system helps in the reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions by over half, making this engine a great choice. Often favored for coaches and buses, the DD60 Series 60 engine has a variety of other applications today.

  • Inline-six 4 stroke diesel engine with DDEC system controls, easy to operate with diagnostic functions clearly displayed to the driver.
  • Electronic Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT) ensures a quicker response time for greater performance on the road.
  • Breather separator located in the maintenance-free crankcase.
  • Oxidation Catalyst and Diesel Particulate Filter located in the Aftertreatment System helps in reducing particulate engine matter emission by 90%.
  • Longer skirt profile on the one-piece forged pistons for the 14.0L engine helps by reducing wear and scuffing in order to produce more piston durability.