Detroit DD15 Engine

Detroit DD13

Power 400hp

Torque 1750 lb-ft

Offering the lowest cost of ownership with longest service intervals in its class. Easy serviceability and maximized uptime with Detroit Connect Virtual Technician remote diagnostic engine system.

  • Offers great fuel economy with shorter fan-on times throughout the cooling system for increased fuel efficiency
  • Fuel saving 12.8L workhouse made to work hard
  • Smooth efficient engine ride, regardless of terrain, route or load
  • Downsped engine ensures improved fuel economy by delivering greater torque and horsepower at lower RPMs, allowing for cruising at more efficient engine speeds while keeping your truck in top gear longer
  • Offers a B50 life of 1 million miles
  • Offers robust performance with proprietary asymmetric turbocharger that greatly improves engine performance and consistent horsepower
  • Compliant with 2017 Greenhouse Gas (GHG17) and 2016 OBD (OBD16) ordinance
  • 6-blade engine fan reduces power draw from engine without sacrificing engine cooling capabilities
  • Offers a variable-speed water pump which controls flow based on coolant temperature and engine speed, ensuring improved fuel economy and reduced engine load
  • Easy engine design with fuel and oil filters positioned above frame rails, ensures less time in the shop with easier access to engine compartments