Cummins ISM

Power 385 - 650 hp

Torque 1450 - 2050 lb-ft

The Cummins ISM is one of the main leaders in the heavy-duty diesels of its class, surpassing the rigorous durability standards set by Cummins. The ISM does not require any special fuels or expensive after treatments to meet the latest emissions requirement, ensuring proven reliability and fuel savings. This engine is built with electronics that integrate all functions for an overall low cost of operation. Driver satisfaction is important and the Cummins ISM keeps drivers happy with an engine that can pull a load up a steep grade without ever dropping a gear. Feedback of actual trip data ensures helpful driver interaction and coaching for those behind the wheel, offering another level of confidence and comfort.

  • The Cummins ISM, due to its electronically controlled fuel system, offers leadership when it comes to fuel economy compared to any engine in its class (2.5-gram NOx+NMHC emissions requirement.
  • Impressive acceleration due to the Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VG Turbo) which produces a quicker throttle response with much less turbo “lag”, which means more power to get your load moving over every terrain as well as faster acceleration for on and off freeway access. This also means better handling in any weather condition.
  • Cooled exhaust gas recirculation lowers combustion temperatures, which optimizes mpg range as well as a reduction in emissions.
  • The Cummins particulate filter offers uncompromising performance by reducing particulate matter more than 90%.
  • This engine delivers up to 100 lb-ft of extra torque when operating in the top two gears, ensuring fewer shifts, better fuel economy and less driver fatigue.